Vin Diesel talked about the new "Fast and the Furious"

After the ninth installment of the franchise, the final two films have officially been announced. 

"Fast and Furious 10," due out in April 2023, and "Fast and Furious 11." A release date is not yet known, but it has been promised that this is the film that will ultimately complete the project.

Every movie's set is always superior to the previous installment, which has led to Fast & Furious becoming a worldwide hit. However, despite the severe destruction of the world around them, the main characters rarely suffered from crazy stunts and explosions. 

And that prompted one of the franchise's main characters, Roman Pearce, to give his speech about the team's invulnerability, which fans saw as a harbinger of future changes.

Diesel had previously stated that there would be a dramatic climax in "Fast 10" and "Fast 11" and hinted that not every hero could survive it.

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