Adele canceled her concerts because of a backstage scandal

The official reason for the cancellation of the concerts was called Covid-19, but insiders report that the reason for the cancellation of the show is the singer's whims and the scandal behind the scenes.

Exactly one day before the Weekends With Adele show in Las Vegas, Adele told fans that part of her crew became infected with Covid-19, which was the reason for the cancellation of the concerts. Organizers did not mention the coronavirus as a reason to cancel the show.

Hello Magazine reports it.
There was information in the media that the real reason for the concert's cancellation was the singer Adele herself, as she had too high requirements for the technique, and she also expressed her dissatisfaction with the decorations.

One number was that the singer had to "walk on water" for this purpose, a heavy structure was erected, but the final version was not satisfactory to Adele.
After seeing the finished pool, she refused to participate in this number and in the show itself.

Sources say that she called the set "a shapeless old pond."

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