Jason Mamoa will star in the movie Fast and the Furious 10

Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Mamoa will star in a sequel to the iconic Fast and Furious franchise.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Mamoa will play the villain in Forsage 10, directed by Justin Lin.

Information that the actor will join the picture has confirmed the franchise's official account on Twitter.

In addition, Son Kang, Tyrese Gibson, and Michelle Rodriguez will star in the film again. Also, Charlize Theron's character may return in this installment.

As a reminder, in 2021, one of the franchise's favorite actors, Dwayne Johnson, confirmed that he has no intention of returning to Fast and Furious. "I explicitly said I'm not returning to the franchise," Johnson told CNN last year. - "I was firm in my words and said I would always support the cast, and I would always cheer for the success of the franchise, but there's no chance of me coming back.

Fast and Furious 10 is scheduled for release next year in May 2023.

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