Lady Gaga to star in "The Joker 2"

There have been too many rumors about a "Joker" sequel since last year: Todd Phillips has finished the sequel script or even started shooting - but there has been no confirmation.

But now it looks like fans of the supervillain drama starring Joaquin Phoenix have something to cheer about.

In the second Joker, a DeuxMoi insider shared casting details for the lead female role in the double "Joker." Joaquin Phoenix appeared to favor having Rooney Mara play alongside him. Still, in the end, contrary to Joker's wishes, the fem protagonist will be Lady Gaga, who is ripe for new prominent roles after "House of Gucci."

It is unclear whether the question is about Gaga becoming Harley Quinn instead of Margot Robbie from the DC Cinematic Universe or for her to prescribe an entirely new role. Still, fans of "The Joker" and the singer quickly made up the sequel's first poster.

Now we have to wait for an official confirmation or denial from the creators of the first part.

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