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Bogotá!!! Qué nocheeeee! Que manera de empezar la gira por Latino América! ???????????????? Me quedé sin aire!! Que altura duraaaa ???????? Próxima parada: Perú! ???????? ???? ????????Esta noche nos vemos en el #BaileFunkExperience! No puedo esperar! Estan listoooos? ????????????
06/09/2024 03:28
Quien más se pone Fria como yo ?
06/06/2024 04:25
NYC, you guys were insaaane! Funk Season is in full effect! Wow! I had so much fun!!! ???????????? Próxima parada: Bogotá, están listos? ✈️ #BaileFunkExperience #AnittaOnTour
06/04/2024 09:50
Chicago was so lit ???????????? I see you this sunday AND monday in NYC
06/02/2024 03:26
Lose your breath Toronto ????????????????
05/30/2024 01:21
See you tonight, Orlando! ????????Would you ride this roller coaster? ????????‍♂️
05/26/2024 06:10
// VOU ABRIR OS SHOWS DA TURNÊ DA ANITTA! ????A #BaileFunkExperience agora tem um show de abertura! To muito feliz em poder somar com @anitta e mostrarmos nossa cultura pro mundo. ????????#TheBaileFunkExperience just got an opening act. I’m so happy to join @anitta and show our culture to the world! ????
05/17/2024 02:06
Did u hear my new album? You should #BrazilianFunk #Music #Funk
05/11/2024 05:08
Yesterday was a historical night for my city Rio de Janeiro. @madonna finished her tour at the Copacabana beach for more than 1 million people. Such a special time for all of us. I feel really honored you invited me to be part of this moment. You represent the freedom of a whole community that yesterday celebrated together your victory. ???????????????????? #MadonnaCelebrationTour #celebrationtour
05/05/2024 02:59
Descansando poco y trabajando mucho, porque el equilibrio lo es todo y solo faltan 3 díasssss para el lanzamiento de Funk Generation jajaja ????????????????????????????????????????
04/23/2024 11:15

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