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Daydreaming of summer in Rio with@vixpaulahermanny #MyViXMoment
07/02/2024 11:27
New cover story out now for @numero_netherlands ???????? @fernandosippel @marc_eram @tobimakeup @owengould @fordmodels
06/15/2024 07:39
It’s always summer with ☀️@vixpaulahermanny #myvixmoment
06/06/2024 05:03
???? @kilianparis #kilianparis
05/25/2024 08:24
Tell me if you find my glass slipper ????????‍♂️@givenchy @marc_eram @owengould @tobimakeup
05/22/2024 06:23
Found a handsome knight at the renaissance faire! ????⚔️
05/12/2024 09:31
Find us in Soho on our newest billboard with @emporioarmani ! @patrickschwarzenegger #emporioarmani #EAeyewear
04/26/2024 08:22
Behind the scenes of “Beauty & Budapest” ♥️Special thanks to the agency: @iconhungary @fordmodels @lorraine_antonetti Photographer Image #1 & #3: @almasiphoto Photographer Image #2: @davidajkai Makeup: @denisebazaar & @ricsesz Hair: @barsibali Stylist: @cs.melinda Stylist Assistant: @dori_vinczeLocation: @fsbudapest
04/15/2024 06:55
Had the best time filming #HouseofVillains ???????? You don’t want to miss this show coming this fall! @eentertainment
03/28/2024 03:08
???? So proud of my girl @stellamaxwell I know how long she has been working on this project! And now @myperopero is Finally here. AND PIGGY CAN BE THE STAR THAT SHE IS! ???? And finally smell amazing at the same time and be clean in a minute hehe. #myperopero
03/27/2024 05:00

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