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C, XOXO is a side of me that i like living in????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????C, XOXO is pink and blue ski masks, never being without lip gloss, coming alive during blue hour, long nails and eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man, crying with your makeup on and texting pics to your friends. it’s bikinis under t shirts, it’s sticky hair at dinner after the beach, it’s tan lines and white wine with your girls. it’s living it the fuck up. C, XOXO is doing no harm, but TAKING NO SHIT.????????????????????????????????it has given me confidence and cockiness and wabisabiness in a world where we all need it this one is for the baddies, for the dreamgirls, for my recovering lovergirls ❤️‍????i love living in the world of C, XOXO meet you there soon ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
06/22/2024 06:45
???? @lewishamilton number 6. dade county dreaming @thegirljt @yungmiami305 ????????????????????C, XOXO ????????????????????????????????????????????JUNE 28
06/18/2024 04:43
red chipped nails, i’m wabi sabi i’m a wild horse and nobody’s caught me… yet
06/11/2024 12:12
I’ve always had a who, when, what, and why… but never a where for an album. C, XOXO takes place in the city that raised us. ???? so it was only right that we celebrate here first love you stupid amounts 305 TIL I DIE BITCH ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
06/08/2024 02:28
thank you @billboard ????????
05/29/2024 08:18
all i really have to say is i love @lilnasx
05/26/2024 01:34
xoxogirlsssssss ????????????????????????????????????????????????
05/17/2024 01:14
he’s wrapped around my pinky finger watching the way i mooooovemore drunk on power than on liquor and he knows it’s true ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????doesn’t he? @lilnasx
05/11/2024 10:10
SHE’S A PROVOCATEUR, DANCEFLOOR CONNOISSEUR ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????HE KNOWS FT @LILNASX FRIDAY
05/08/2024 04:02
so c,xoxo
04/23/2024 04:28

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