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Happy birthday to my beautiful, gentle, amazing daughter… Not only are you growing up on me but I’m growing up with you cause I learned sooo much by just being your mom Thank you @mattyboy90 X @chromeheartsofficial for this beautiful dress …. @offsetyrn you did that lol And thank you @hecjets for makin the impossible possible for this trip …not only did we have the best jet experience..we almost ain’t made it but yall made it HAPPEN!!!
07/10/2024 10:07
RIGHT THERE ON DAT MONEY ???? ????… the only way I like it! @rob49up featuring ME on the way!
07/09/2024 04:45
Loose rap. ???? @fwrd @revolve
06/23/2024 01:41
Rooting for my girl @itsshacarri Olympic trials start tonight!!! @nbcolympics
06/15/2024 06:03
I promise this is not for ad purposes …My PRODUCT matched my fit ????‍????…. @whip_shots #calmfits #myyardsopretty
06/03/2024 07:49
I’m not toxic I’m deadly ????What’s yall fav line from the Wanna Be remix?
05/31/2024 02:00
Thank you @theestallion and @glorillapimp for bringing me out! We had a time last night honey!!!
05/22/2024 07:01
Thank you so much, @rollingstone !
05/16/2024 01:00
Dress @windowsen Jewelry @kamyenjewellery Stylist @kollincarterHair @tokyostylez MUA @erika_lapearl_muaNails @cocamichelle
05/07/2024 03:27
Y’all be puttin on ???? I’ll NEVER
04/25/2024 09:09

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