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Took my Polaroid obsession to a new level. #BlinkTwiceMovie #AUGUST23
06/03/2024 05:27
Took this on jump street 2. Just re found it. I like it.
05/25/2024 10:20
We love ourselves a renaissance fair. She said she wanted her character to be pirate assassin. I said, say less… not sure what i was other than a ghostly figure. Also dunked the clown in the water twice. They just talk so much shit! I was super proud.hehe Still got some left in the arm i guess. ???? thanks Ren fair!! Full disclosure she has a hidden dagger in a hidden dress pocket. She felt so cool. lol.
05/10/2024 01:05
You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do…#BlinkTwiceMovie #August23
04/23/2024 04:00
The whole world will be watching. #FlyMeToTheMoon – coming exclusively to movie theaters this July.
04/08/2024 02:03
Moments of peace before the lil maniac woke up.
04/01/2024 11:35
Can’t believe after 2 years of not running I’m finally back at it. Got my miles up. I’m slow but it’s ok. I’m actually truly enjoying running again. The rest will come in time. I feel free again. Me and cutie on the run boi!
03/20/2024 06:57
Ok. I’ve never done my face. And.. fuck that lol . It’s weird and confusing. It’s fine and i like it i guess. I stopped before fixing so much stuff like@the mouth and eyes. I was like nah dog I’ve been looking at this long enough now. Ok good bye. And sorry. Yes i edited this text. I typed so fast before cause i was scared and just needing to be done and hitting post. Ha. Sorry.
02/06/2024 01:09
01/26/2024 08:01
01/16/2024 04:15

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