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Big congrats to my mate @rossedgley. You may be asking why’s he looking like a swollen testicle… Well the answer is this is what happens when you stay in the water for 60-70 hrs and complete the worlds longest swim at 510km (317 miles). No sleeping, stopping, or touching land. Water temp 9 degrees C (48 degrees F)..The man is a true legend and smiles in the face of adversity, even when death is knocking at the door he has a little giggle.
06/22/2024 02:32
Together we can all fly ????
06/19/2024 07:45
Massive thank you to all who checked out #Furiosa! Both audience score and critics sitting in the 90% range which I’m super grateful for! This movie belongs on the big screen and deserves a cinema going experience, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you @avminaircharter for the cake!#madmaxfuriosa
06/10/2024 03:42
Stoked for the partnership with @centrfit and @hyroxworld!! What an incredible event last weekend in New York with our first Centr relay team and @lancearmstrong competing ????To all the athletes competing in the HYROX World Championships this weekend, GOOD LUCK!
06/07/2024 01:55
Life's more FUN when you SQUAD UP! ????@chrishemsworth @arnettwill @kenjeong @auliicravalho @riccigrams @lamsanders @dolphlundgren @bradley.thor @bellapoarch @zhc @gabimfmoura #squadbusters #mobilegame #supercell#ad
05/29/2024 11:05
Thank you again Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Walk of Fame selection committee and @wbpictures @robertdowneyjr #georgemiller for all the love ❤️ @elsapataky #furiosa @madmaxsaga
05/25/2024 01:57
This interview ruined the next week of my life ???? ????Watch full interview next Thursday @11am ET @hotones
05/17/2024 05:00
Happy Mother’s Day to my two favourites! ❤️❤️
05/11/2024 11:18
Witness the Epic Battle for the Wasteland. Tickets are on sale NOW. #FURIOSA : A MAD MAX SAGA - only in theaters May 24, Memorial Day Weekend. Link in bio.
05/08/2024 05:00
Stoked to have had a chance to hang with @biolayne today What started out as a solid training session quickly became about me peppering Layne with a million questions on training, recovery, strength, speed, nutrition , supplements and basically everything else in the health and wellness space I needed answers on! The guys a weapon both mind and body????????
04/19/2024 09:08

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