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If immersion was a person.. ????@ayauniverse #iamher #chameleon #dubai #dubaiexperience ##ayauniverse #immersive #immersiveexperience
04/14/2024 05:39
Been a while since I’ve posted one of these but seems every time I publically share my fitness goals I tend to stick with it. I think it’s an accountability thing. Last week I was off to a great start both food and workout and the weekend came and I did like Elsa and « Let it go!!! » ????????‍♀️???????????? SO.. let’s get this party started (still have fun).. but get to the goals! Build muscle and get lean is where my mind is at «more shredded than a julien salad » iykyk ???? LETS GO! ????????
04/08/2024 03:19
**Weekend Easter Files** It was the boys 1st Easter Weekend spent in Matt’s hometown! We came ( Strasbourg), we sought (..for food), we conquered (..go @sigstrasbourg!), we also found a lot of chocolate eggs (..thanks Easter Bunny). ???????? Hope you all had a lovely weekend and remembered the true reason for this celebrations! #HeHasRisen ????✨ #HappyEaster #hoppyeaster #strasbourg #franceBasketball Game ???? @justfocusbysg
04/01/2024 05:56
The joys of living in Europe “Meet me in Milan!” @jryanjl “Okay!” -Me ✨????????✈️
03/28/2024 04:55
We’re not just launching a product; we’re inviting you to embrace a lifestyle where fashion meets function. Starring fabulous @christinamilian ❤️
03/22/2024 08:03
It’s the little things… Like a trip to Costco in the middle of Paris! Who knew? It made me feel all warm and fuzzy— like I had a little piece of home. ???? The bargains? The Testers—-> The same! The pizza? Exactly the same! Even the hotdog & a soda deal? Exactly the same as as back home! It was a dream come true.. ???????? I was in heaven. I know Matt is happy I don’t have a car here or I’d be here every other week.. but when I do— you know where I’ll be! My french friends lived it so much they joined! And no.. this is not an ad ???? those who understand the feeling understand my joy.
03/17/2024 09:40
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