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Nîmes nuit 2!!!! vous êtes chauddddddd ce soir???? ☄️
06/14/2024 09:14
and in the midst of all of this we even managed to shoot a music video in Budapest... Nimes, France night 1 of 2 tonight!!!! Summer tour continues ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️
06/12/2024 08:43
wow what a kickstart to our summer shows... and we're only just warming uppp!!! Thank you Berlin for dancing in the rain with us ????????????????????????
06/06/2024 09:03
06/01/2024 04:43
Next up for the Service95 Book Club…“Say Nothing is a masterclass in the art of the ‘non-fiction novel’. It has all the elements of great fiction – mesmerising characters, intrigue and plot twists. And it also happens to be true. Author Patrick Radden Keefe (@praddenkeefe) uses the abduction of young widow Jean McConville as the starting point to tell a much bigger story about what became known as the Troubles in Northern Ireland. This is a story I thought I knew but Keefe uses the interwoven stories of McConville and Dolours Price – the first female frontline fighter in the IRA – to get under the skin of both victims and perpetrators in the conflict. How did a community stand by and watch as a young mother was abducted in front of her kids? What led a bright and glamorous young woman to believe that violence was the only way to achieve political aims? Nearly 4,000 people were killed in the Troubles, between the late 1960s and the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement. Keefe exposes the deep tensions between Catholics and Protestants, paramilitaries and the British armed forces that led to the conflict. This is a big book in every sense of the word, about a terrible and tragic war in the United Kingdom that many people today are too young to even remember. I guarantee you will be hooked from beginning to end.“- Dua x Stay tuned for our June #MonthlyRead content drop…arriving soon ????
05/30/2024 07:09
wowowowww summer tour dates start in 1 week and I can't wait!!!! So I thought why not add... MORE TOUR! Asia in November it's been a long time coming and I can't wait to be back!!!! ????????????????
05/28/2024 07:00
CAMDEN!! this is a big full circle moment for me and i'm so proud to be an executive producer and to have worked on a new original documentary series that celebrates the very place I started everything!!! Camden will always have a special place in my heart and I'm humbled to share that with some of my absolute musical heroes ~ SAVE THE DATE because we'll be streaming from 29 May, exclusively on @DisneyPlusUK and @Hulu ????⛓️❤️
05/22/2024 03:05
05/19/2024 01:15
what a journey !!! seeing all of you radiate positivity and love for this album has made me feel so lucky to be doing what I do, and even luckier to be sharing the process with you all ???? so many pinch me moments since we started this with Houdini and so many more to come now that Radical Optimism is yours... lets goooo !!!
05/15/2024 11:57
RADICAL OPTIMISM NUMBER 1 ALBUM IN THE UK!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????? @officialcharts #1️⃣!!!!!!!!!!
05/10/2024 04:43

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