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01/26/2024 03:15
Alex and I are coming to infiltrate your cocktail shelf just in time Christmas with the new Renais Artwork Edition, designed, painted and inscribed by me last summer! ???????????? Beyond excited to share that we have also made STICKERS. Yes you heard right, stickers! These come in every pack so that you can decorate your bottle / all of your possessions ????. They are a complete one-off and available now.
11/22/2023 12:01
Dear Renais Friends and Family,One of the many things @alex.s.watson and I have bonded over in the last few years is our love for music. It wasn't always easy; there was a time when The @spicegirls were clashing hard with The @offspring on the school run (you can guess who was who). Alex is still convinced that Emma Bunton is the songbird of our generation.With time, however, fortunately, our tastes seem to have come full circle, and now nothing makes us happier than making dinner and sharing what we've been listening to lately.We thought we'd extend that invitation to you as well – welcome to Renais' Spotify playlist! We hope you enjoy it – link in bio. Let us know if there's anything you think we're missing out on; drop a comment below.Love and rebirth, Emma, Alex, and The @renaisspirits family.
08/22/2023 02:08
Cezanne’s studio
08/04/2023 12:21
Lesser known fact - We had cats growing up and it was always my job in our family to “save the mice”. This guy I named Jerry. It was a pretty near miss because both the cat and the dog had him cornered under the settee. I really hope he doesn’t risk his health again for a chocolate digestive biscuit. It’s not worth it Jerry! I might not be there!!!!!!! ???????????? happy Saturday all xxx
07/22/2023 08:41
D A I S Y ‘ S
07/05/2023 04:51
The Protecting Our Planet Challenge, which includes my organization @Rewild, this week announced plans in partnership with the Brazilian government to invest $200 million in the Amazon over the next four years to support the expansion and management of protected areas and Indigenous territories. We are honored to help support Brazil’s ambitious and critical goals of achieving zero deforestation in the Amazon and accelerating the country’s transition to a sustainable and green economy.We call on additional philanthropists to join the new commitment to protect and restore Amazonia in Brazil and beyond.Amazonia is also critically important to Indigenous peoples from up to 400 Indigenous groups that speak hundreds of languages, represent irreplaceable cultural diversity and depend on natural ecosystems and resources for their livelihoods and cultures.Photo: João Paulo Krajewski@lulaoficial@guajajarasonia @marinasilvaoficial
06/29/2023 08:21
@loewe @alex.s.watson @renaisspirits
06/19/2023 02:24
Go against the grain ????.. Never the same, always myself. @pradabeauty #pradabeauty #pradaparadoxe #pradabeautypartner
06/08/2023 05:42
05/01/2023 04:36

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