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Making this movie was such an unbelievably beautiful experience. I’m thrilled and proud to say that it’s nearly here for all of you to watch soon. In the meantime, here’s some pretty breadcrumbs ;) #weliveintime Trailer tomorrow.. ????????????‍♂️
07/09/2024 01:01
@jakeschreier and I have been hanging out.. ⚡️⚡️????❄️????????️☄️????️????????????????????‍♂️⚡️⚡️#Thunderbolts*
03/27/2024 09:51
Well that was quite the mad weekend. The final hoorah. The final yippee. And what a finale it was. @oppenheimermovie came home with a bucket load of Oscar’s and I couldn’t be prouder for this movie and the people that made it and those who’s work was honoured with receiving their awards.The last few months has been such a beautiful experience. I have an unbelievable amount of thank yous to all the people I’ve worked with during these press tours, I truly wouldn’t be able to do it without you. All the hands who tweaked and painted and sewed and brushed and dyed and steamed and drove and helped to get me out the door and to these places- you’re incredible and I bow down to your talent and skills. Here’s to another corker of a night. @bulgari @delcoreofficial @rebeccacorbinmurray @babskymakeup @hairbyadir @nailglam @colorbymattrez @caratripsalot @theacademy First photo credit to- Dana Pleasant AMPAS Other glam photos by @hairbyadir and @babskymakeup
03/12/2024 11:45
The very kind and very brilliant @dannykasirye raced across town and captured a few NYC moments before we stepped out for the last @dunemovie premiere last Sunday. We nodded to our favourite princess for our final Irulan outing. And what a joy of a press tour it’s been! Still processing the madness of the last week. It’s. Utterly. Bonkers. Ending in NY with this press tour was perfect, thank you to all who waited in the cold.. sorry it was so bloody cold!
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