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To our Whitney: happy birthday my sister. ❤️ This life feels like a movie with you (and this reel feels like the official movie trailer haha). I hope everyone gets the chance in their lifetime to experience the kind of sisterhood that we have. Thank you for your ride or die friendship, loyalty, silliness, generosity, your heart. There will be giggles until we’re senile (and probably even then). I love you always
06/09/2024 11:55
Something about a sunrise in Miami ???? Our stay at @1hotel.southbeach was the cherry on top of a weekend we will cherish forever
06/03/2024 08:58
Yep I’m still posting content about this little Greek fisherman’s house we rented out 2 summers ago. Info on this property (and all my Milos recs) is now saved to my Flaire!
05/29/2024 08:49
That summer we lived in an old restored Fisherman’s house in Milos and watched the sun rise every day ☀️
05/23/2024 04:04
My appreciation for jewelry (specifically the Italian jewelry sector) is on another level after this experience. @extraitajewelry #extraitajewelry #adv
05/16/2024 11:32
Goal: read lots of books in these chairs this summer ???????? The Sierra chairs & Noah pedestals from @crofthousela brought this little atrium space to life. We were stumped on what to do with this unique open-air space when we first moved in but now it’s been transformed into the most cheerful little sanctuary #crofthousepartner
05/10/2024 09:42
Future brides (& grooms) rejoice — because @luluandgeorgia just launched their gift registry!
05/07/2024 07:37
Thank you Stagecoach for the blisters on my feet, the dust in my lungs, the songs stuck in my head and most of all, the precious mems made with these people ???????????????? all shot in @phlowapp
04/30/2024 11:01
The way I view jewelry will never be the same after seeing artisans in Italy hand crafting pieces for some of the designer brands I love. This was such a refreshingly different and educational experience and I’m excited to share a little snippet of filming for a documentary style film showcasing the craftsmanship behind jewelry made in Italy! @extraitajewelry #extraitajewelery #madeinitaly #italiantradeagency #adv
04/19/2024 06:18
POV you filmed a GRWM for day 1 and lost all the footage except this one clip and these @phlowapp photos
04/13/2024 10:43

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