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Luca, Banks and i had the best morning yesterday washing Foster puppies for my good friend Sasha @loveleorescue Sadly adoptions are way down right now???? these gorgeous Great Pyrenees pups were found in the desert with their mom who was trying her best to take care of them but was pretty malnourished herself. Mom is absolutely gorgeous and about 60 pounds. And her 7 pups don’t disappoint!!!! If you are in the market for some wholesome spring time puppy love and are serious about adopting please reach out to @loveleorescue
03/29/2024 05:55
Loving you - is some kind of WONDERFUL Mae Mae !!! Happy 3rd Birthday angel ???? you love jumping in puddles , “pantry food” , “leggins wiff a dress”, “smoodies”, made up stories at night, your sis and bro, unicorns, adventures, clean hands, dancing to karma, doing things all by yourself and being fair!! We love you love you love you and your beautiful giant pancake eyes!
03/24/2024 04:33
Love you my little Jen! 40 looks beautiful on you!!!! This is almost every pic we have together so let’s go have some more fun before this time rolls around next year!!!
03/12/2024 04:08
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