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Sometimes a dog, isn’t just a dog…I never had a pet growing up for a bunch of reasons, but five years ago I met this little six year old dog who had mammary cancer, was sleeping in a crate peeing blood onto newspapers, and who had been abandoned by her owner. This little thing needed my help. So I took it as a sign from the universe and as crazy as it seemed at the time, I got her the two surgeries she needed and adopted her.I then read this story a few years later about how the Aztecs and Greeks believed that some animals are actually spiritual guides or angels on earth sent to help humans. The Greeks called them “psychopomps,” and the Aztecs believed if you were lucky enough to meet one, you were supposed to spoil and pamper them because the animal would then in turn guide your soul through the four year trek through the underworld once you died… there’s a lot to unpack there, but I think I get the point. Sometimes you don’t realize it at the time, but that little thing that you’re being of service to can turn around and return the favor right away in ways you never expected. They lick your face when you’re upset, and lay on top of you when you’re sick…Sometimes if you’re lucky, you come across an animal that needs your help, that needs saving, and sometimes that animal winds up saving you in return.All I know is that my job is to spoil this little thing that had a rough life before I found her. She’s flown around the world with me and back, and we’re getting ready to do it again… Happy Birthday to this little angel who came across my path…
07/10/2024 01:59
Happy 4th of July! ???????? ????
07/05/2024 08:34
Happy Birthday to my kid brother Nick!!! You’ll always be that chubby Buddha in the silk king fu outfit to me…And yes, I had to reformat that photo to not lose any of the elevation from my hair… #olanmills
06/23/2024 01:16
HELSINKI HAS BEEN ROCKED!!! #METALLICAShoutout to @larsulrich for the camera work & late night access… ABOVE AND BEYOND my friend!!!
06/17/2024 12:10
Watch the speech of @joemanganiello, actor, producer, director, and author, at the 2024 #AuroraPrize Ceremony. In his address, he highlighted the deep personal connection to Aurora’s mission due to his great-grandmother’s survival of the #ArmenianGenocide and underscored the importance of Aurora’s work in preventing similar atrocities. #AuroraInLA
05/25/2024 06:37
to no surprise, #DealOrNoDealIsland is coming back for SEASON 2!! ???? who’s ready for more games, more drama, more @joemanganiello?! ????️
05/07/2024 09:33
“Never trust a Sicilian when death is on the line!”MONDAY on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND… I test out my best PRINCESS BRIDE Wallace Shawn impersonation on Aron & more money is in play than EVER at the Banker’s Temple… TUNE IN! ????️????????
04/22/2024 03:16
with millions on the line ???? you'd better be down to swarm the swamps! #DealOrNoDealIsland is all-new Mondays 10/9c on NBC and streaming on @peacock.
04/16/2024 02:27
whether it's snakes on a plane, train, or box, the goal is real: snag that Banker's Bonus! ???? #DealOrNoDealIsland is all-new Mondays 10/9c on NBC and streaming on @peacock.
04/02/2024 02:25
03/19/2024 06:18

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