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Celebrate Biodiversity Day with Dior.“Protecting the wilderness, it’s not even a question of importance anymore, we need it for everything. It’s essential.” - @JohnnyDepp © Giger Brothers #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #DiorSauvage
05/22/2024 12:59
Sat down with the delightful Mark Salisbury for a chat about my role as Louis XV in Maïwenn’s ‘Jeanne du Barry’, opening tomorrow for US & Canadian audiences.-???? @girldeuters
05/01/2024 03:46
Earlier this year, I got a chance to sneak into an amazing wonderland of guitars at @newkingsroadvintageguitars I’m pretty sure I might have bought a couple of unique beauties, I’m a sucker for a vintage instrument… it’s my only true vice!!!All love and respect,JD X.
04/29/2024 03:40
Endlessly grateful to the incomparable Maïwenn for choosing me as her King of France in ‘Jeanne du Barry’. Now playing across the UK & Ireland. JD.X—Photo: @gettyneil / @gettyentertainment
04/19/2024 01:44
“Unleashed Spirits: The Rise of the Hollywood Vampires” is an exhilarating and heartfelt film that takes viewers on a captivating journey through the formation of the iconic band, Hollywood Vampires, and the profound impact they’ve had on their devoted fan base. Coming Soon!The Hollywood Vampires are @alicecooper @johnnydepp @joeperryofficial and @disvicious1 Featuring @buckjohnson_official @chriswyseowlman @glen_sobel First Blood, LLC Presents a @10livescontent ProductionDirected By @dc3director Produced by @erniebochjr and Daniel E. Catullo IIIExecutive Producers Shep Gordon, Paul Geary and Steve WoodCo-Executive Producers David Kernan and Sammy PerriconeEdited By @sniktaeilsel and Paul HarbCo-Produced by Steve Moss and Tommy HenriksenSupervising Producer Andrew WardOriginal Score By Tommy Henriksen and Jamie MuhoberacCinematography By Ricardo Sarmiento and Neil Fernandez@rainbowbarandgrill
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Signing each piece with love & appreciation for all of you… Your support for The Bunnyman - a benevolent and fiercely loyal being - means the world…Eternally, JD @nyman_photography
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