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The stars are shining @olelynggaardcopenhagen @festivaldecannes #cannes2024
05/23/2024 02:32
Bonjour Cannes ????
05/19/2024 04:47
My little Copenhagen teddy bear ????
05/07/2024 02:25
04/19/2024 04:46
Another year around the sun
04/15/2024 05:21
Chair series no.1
04/09/2024 11:20
Happy anniversary my love! Already 2 years into marriage and now with the best freaking sidekick to tag along on our adventure. I can’t wait for our little trio to see the world together! I love you more and more every day! Can’t believe you still throw surprises that make me feel so loved and special and then getting to celebrate it in one of our favorite places on this earth! I love you always @bohnes ❤️ – Jo
04/03/2024 03:12
Had the best and most fun 48 hours! @joja just did its first wellness retreat. I mean pinch me!! What is life even when you get to host your own brand event trip! @jastookes we are slowly taking over!! ???? Huge shoutout to all the girls @helenowen @unwosu @kehaulanisanares @kendallvisser @piamance @kelseymerritt for brining the best energy! And big thank you to @canyonranch for having us #LiveInMotion
03/28/2024 01:22
A lot of you guys have asked about my workout routine after giving birth, so I thought I would share how it has been for me during and since pregnancy. During my pregnancy my doctor advised me not to do any physical exercise and heavy lifting, because the baby sat a little low. This was definitely challenging for me since I’ve always been really active and has used exercise to de-stress. That meant I didn’t do any form of exercise for the entirety of my pregnancy. Recovery after giving birth was something I took very seriously. It’s maybe the first time I really listened to my body and its limitations. The word slow was a huge keyword for me.I did absolutely nothing the first 6 weeks other than trying to give my body as much rest as possible with a newborn. Once I was cleared by the doctor to start working out again I still didn’t just jump straight into it. I made sure to see a pelvic floor specialist and post birth chiropractor first to get double confirmation that everything was fine. That I spend another few weeks with before I personally felt ready to workout. Around week 10-11 I slowly started exercising again. I went to a Pilates instructor twice a week that specializes in pregnancy recovery. She really helped me slowly getting familiar with the feelings of my muscles again. Especially reconnecting with my abs again and making sure to engage the muscles correctly. I went there for about 3 months. After all of this I feel like my body is ready to start working out like I used to and very slowly putting more and more weight in, but it’s for sure a slow process and I’m not even close to be where I used to be strength wise but that is totally okay and I feel more confident in my body and so amazed by what the body is capable of and most importantly it gave me my little girl.
03/22/2024 04:41
“I’d like a cheeseburger, please, a large fries, and a cosmopolitan.” - Carrie Bradshaw
03/16/2024 03:04

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