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If only it took 45 seconds to look this dolled up ???? linked all the products Liz used in stories
06/19/2024 04:36
This was so fun! Can’t wait to share what we worked on yesterday. Such a fun shoot day with @mothercould @biglittlefeelings ♥️
06/07/2024 08:45
@whitneyeveport joins us this week to update us on her fertility journey as she continues to try for baby number two. We talk about how she has navigated infertility, her experience with egg freezing, and her thoughts surrounding surrogacy. Whitney has been open about her experience and the ups and downs that come with infertility, and her choice to be vulnerable about such a personal subject. She also provides advice for those experiencing similar fertility struggles and what she wishes she had known before entering into the world of fertility treatment. She encourages others in similar circumstances to advocate for themselves and to remember that they are not alone. Check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. Link in my bio.
05/30/2024 05:15
@oliviaculpo joins us today to discuss her endometriosis diagnosis and how, through her advocacy work, she hopes she can shine a much-needed light on this subject impacting so many women. Over the past few years, Olivia has decided to be open on social media about her experience with endometriosis. She has documented the pain, the journey to get a diagnosis, and the procedures she has undergone to get to the place she is in today. Gaining confidence and being educated about the subject allows Olivia to be open about it and be a prominent voice in the advocacy work around those living with endometriosis. Olivia tells us that being able to share her experience has not only been therapeutic for her, but she does it with the goal of allowing others to see themselves in her story and hopefully feel better educated than she was so they aren't waiting 10 years like Olivia did to get some answers on what was causing her so much pain.Check out the full episode on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube! Link in my bio ♥️
05/23/2024 02:35
She wrote a book! So proud of my girl @stephaniequayle for putting out this amazing and super informative book on her journey in and out of toxic relationships. Alongside Keith Campbell, she explores her personal journey in a toxic relationship, the warning signs she missed and practicing self forgiveness. We also talked about how to support someone in a toxic relationship and them getting to a place where they can walk away. I’m so proud of you Stephanie! So grateful for your friendship . Thank you for hiring me at 14 to help you fold clothes at planet blue and here we are 20 years later signing booos ! What a journey you’ve been on ! Go buy your copy of Why Do We Stay? At the link in my stories! ♥️????
05/15/2024 07:47
They are SO living my dream of living in the same house as my mama! We chat about living together in @piabaroncini childhood home and multigenerational parenting! Click the link in my bio for the full episode out now! ✨
05/09/2024 04:27
New chapter for BDA Baby! ???? I'm so excited to finally share that we are moving to YouTube and Podcast! Now you can watch and listen to past episodes and BRAND NEW episodes on these platforms. I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you - the BDA Baby community! Stay tuned for another big announcement tomorrow…
04/22/2024 02:42
My heart and soul. The best people I know. My people. Grateful every day for them and wish I could keep them in my pocket because I want to do everything together. (Oldest sister thing? ) ♥️???? #nationalsiblingsday
04/11/2024 02:21
My new faves from the @sephora sale for quick and easy dinner date makeup! I liked everything out for you on my stories! Anything else I'm missing, let me know in the comments! ????
04/05/2024 04:39
Love this Easter tradition of getting the kids together for animals and easter fun but this year decked out in @rufflebutts ????????????????????
03/30/2024 08:44

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