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This is the greatest night ever! Good God these vocals, the catalog of songs! What a blessing to get to experience this in person ❤️ thank you @georgestrait and @chrisstapleton
06/09/2024 02:14
It’s time for the @SiriusXM Listen Free Event! Now- June 3 just turn on the Kelly Clarkson Connection (channel 12) and listen for free!
05/23/2024 06:16
Y’all have got to go see the @ifmovie ❤️ I took my kids and they loved it, but it’s not just a movie for kids. It’s for the kid in all of us. Great job to everyone involved! @johnkrasinski thank you for making this movie! It is so beautiful! Also, the dance scene with Fiona Shaw will be living rent free in my heart, forever.
05/14/2024 03:26
Atlantic City, what a fun show last night! Thank you, Ruby, for helping me with Heartbeat song ???? can’t wait to see y’all tonight @hardrockhcac
05/11/2024 07:59
???? ???? Shoutout to our incredible @kellyclarksonshow team for *8* @daytimeemmys nominations AND @thewebbyawards WIN!
04/23/2024 09:07
It’s such an honor to sing with a great voice like yours! I will sing with you anywhere, anytime!#repost from @jamesarthur23: @kellyclarkson I love what you’ve brought to this song, your vocals blow my mind. It’s a real full-circle moment for me to work with you on this.The duet version of From The Jump is out now.
04/20/2024 02:37
I love singing with artists that inspire me and vocalists that I adore! So when @jamesarthur23 sent me this song, I quite literally jumped to be on it (see what I did there ????). I hope you enjoy this beautiful song, “From The Jump” out 4/19.
04/12/2024 06:00
Y’all don’t sleep on this album. It’s so good! @arianagrande #imperfectforyou #wecantbefriends #yesand
03/28/2024 10:19
In less than 2 months we’re bringing the party to Hard Rock Live in Atlantic City May 10 & 11 ???? Ticket link in bio.
03/18/2024 11:03
Who’s ready to dance to the saddest song ????‍♀️ lighthouse remix is out now!
03/15/2024 04:58

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