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Happy Father’s Day @travisbarker !! Beyond grateful for the Dad that you are to our baby boy, and all of our kids. You keep us safe and protected and take care of us. Having a family with you is heaven. Happy to celebrate you!
06/16/2024 07:59
06/04/2024 04:25
weekend ????
05/31/2024 10:29
2 years ago I married the husband of my dreams ???? forever with you @travisbarker
05/22/2024 05:03
College Kourt ???? Freshman year in front of my dorm at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas 1998. Isn’t it funny how a simple photograph can bring back so many memories… I remember @krisjenner and @cicibussey coming to visit me and I was so homesick because it was my first time living away from home. We would go to this little market and get salads from the salad bar, a fresh sourdough loaf, raw oatmeal raisin cookie dough and a bottle of wine and have it back at our hotel room! My mom and I would cry so hard every time she left me to go back or when I would leave home to go back to college. Ohhhhh the mems …????
05/18/2024 06:46
5.15.22 ????
05/15/2024 08:34
Ring ring, it’s the Lemme Apparel Shop????✨launching 05.14
05/09/2024 06:11
Season 5 coming to you May 23rd !!
05/08/2024 11:26
disposable archives summer 2020
04/27/2024 08:55
45 trips around the sun ☀️
04/23/2024 03:29

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