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2 years ago I married the husband of my dreams ???? forever with you @travisbarker
05/22/2024 05:03
College Kourt ???? Freshman year in front of my dorm at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas 1998. Isn’t it funny how a simple photograph can bring back so many memories… I remember @krisjenner and @cicibussey coming to visit me and I was so homesick because it was my first time living away from home. We would go to this little market and get salads from the salad bar, a fresh sourdough loaf, raw oatmeal raisin cookie dough and a bottle of wine and have it back at our hotel room! My mom and I would cry so hard every time she left me to go back or when I would leave home to go back to college. Ohhhhh the mems …????
05/18/2024 06:46
5.15.22 ????
05/15/2024 08:34
Ring ring, it’s the Lemme Apparel Shop????✨launching 05.14
05/09/2024 06:11
Season 5 coming to you May 23rd !!
05/08/2024 11:26
disposable archives summer 2020
04/27/2024 08:55
45 trips around the sun ☀️
04/23/2024 03:29
mood ????
04/14/2024 09:46
Smirnoff Ice and Cheetos … v. 2004
04/10/2024 04:08
My diamond earring came off in the ocean and it’s gone.
04/07/2024 09:52

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