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Means so much.
07/08/2024 01:56
P3 and second row start for the team ~ until tomorrow ✌????????????
06/22/2024 04:59
Looking >> to being back in Montreal.Looking << to my first win. 22 years old, my first year in F1 and only my 6th race. It was a real dream come true moment. I had so much support that weekend, and I’ve been feeling that support ever since. Thank you all, especially the ones who’ve been along from the jump ????????
06/03/2024 04:51
Felt the burn, thanks for having me @hotones ♨️
05/30/2024 03:24
Monaco always takes me back. I raced here for the first time when I was 19, in Formula 3, and I couldn’t believe I was finally here. Had the best weekend of my life, too. Won my race and went on the F1 grid. It’s amazing to still be here and I don’t take it lightly. Every time we race here I think about that 19 year old ????????
05/23/2024 11:44
Ciao ????????
05/16/2024 01:44
Inspired by the legacy of John Ystumllym and the beauty of his work. Thank you Daniel Lee and the @burberry team.
05/07/2024 01:37
If you see something say something ???? Had fun with this one, thanks for showing out New York. Miami next ⏭️
04/30/2024 06:10
Hear the track come alive like never before – thanks to MBUX SOUND DRIVE.#MercedesAMG #AMG #AMGThrill
04/19/2024 04:00
@Almave blanco is here !! For the past year, @agabiotico and our team have continued to develop the world’s first non-alcoholic agave spirit and Blanco is our next authentic alternative. So excited to introduce you to this spirit. Made in Jalisco from real blue agave, the taste pays tribute to tequila’s versatility. It has a natural balance that creates a complex distilled spirit. If you liked the Ámbar, I know you’ll love this — can’t wait for you to try.
04/04/2024 06:10

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