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& just like that, ????’???? ???????????????????? I’ve experienced the happiest 8 months of my life but there was always a constant pull home, that being the love for my family. With @lydiabright help, we somehow managed make the surprise happen. I love you all
05/18/2024 10:11
Wine in hand and I have just ordered a Chinese ???? No matter how much you have planned, no matter how good your team is, renovating a home is so stressful. When my 18th century Georgian home came on the market I knew it was our forever home fairytale. I searched for two years to find a property that was unique and bursting with character, so this house was a dream come true. However, I always knew it would be a project. It was in desperate need of a staircase change as the original spiral staircase was way too dangerous for a family. Along with redecorating and furnishing every room. Most of the rooms have been completely empty or filled with cardboard boxes for the past year, so six weeks ago the construction began. I have the most amazing building team, (I am very lucky that my brother is a project manager and is overseeing everything.) However, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed at times. Making decisions, organising timelines, sourcing furniture, not to mention the endless amounts of cleaning. Especially whilst I am juggling work and raising Loretta. But we will get there step by step, nothing worth having comes easy. I can’t wait for happily ever after ???????? @lydiabrightshome
05/03/2024 04:59
GRWM, the last makeup reel I did was in 2023 so I thought the gram needed a fresh one. My current go to look and products. @bobbibrownuk face base under-glow primer, sunshine drops & illuminator (shade original) (I work with this brand. However I haven’t been paid to share.)@trinnylondon miracle blur @charlottetilbury flawless filter (shade 2.5) & Airbrush bronzer (shade medium) @lauramercier real flawless concealer (shade ON1) & translucent loose setting powder (shade translucent)@narsissist soft matte complete concealer (shade light 2.5) @yslbeauty lip & cheek balmy tint & couture mini clutch eyeshadow pallet 200@refybeauty brow pencil (shade medium) @got2b glued 4 brows & edges gel
04/30/2024 04:08
Loretta’s first time on her bike ???? She has been itching to get on it ever since she unwrapped the present on her fourth birthday. A fractured leg meant it’s sat in the corner of the room collecting stickers for two months. Well today after school we finally took her new wheels out on on the green ???? Unfortunately, I don’t think the reality lived up to the dream, but as the say practice makes perfect :D
04/17/2024 03:50
#AD As parents we all want to keep our children safe and protected but how many of us have spoken about fire safety at home? This isn’t a conversation I have ever thought about having with Loretta until @kiddefiresafety asked me to be part of the Cause For Alarm campaign. We have escape plans in schools, at work but why aren’t we planning escape routes and practising them at home? Fire deaths affect the youngest in our society as heartbreakingly children instinctively hide instead of escaping. To practise we are teaching them to override instinct. I hope this video and jingle helps your family make fire safety a priority and keep our children safe at home. Learn the preventions, invest in the right products. It is so important that our homes have working smoke detectors (make sure you test them) and start these conversations #CauseForAlarm #kiddeeurope
04/13/2024 01:53
A weekend of Me and You ????????So lucky to do life together ????????
04/07/2024 03:31
Bedtimes, Mummy and Me ????We are currently going through that phase when all Loretta wants to be is a mum. She wants to read the stories herself. She wants to chew chewing gum and drink alcohol and is constantly pregnant, giving birth to teddy bears on the kitchen floor :D For all our favourite stories for Easter check out my ‘Mummy and Me, Book Club’ highlight ????????
03/26/2024 05:54
Continuing the Easter fun… I had so much fun creating Loretta’s dream L.O.L. Surprise! Easter hunt #AD ???? They are Loretta’s latest obsession and I think they make a great alternative gift to an Easter egg. They are the perfect size to hide, all priced under £10, and they will help keep Loretta entertained for hours. Available to purchase at @smythstoys now. AD @lolsurprise.UK #WeAreLOL #LOLSurprise #LOLSurpriseEaster
03/19/2024 06:24
Barcelona dump ❤️Surprisingly I didn't take that many photos. I was having way too much much fun ????
03/16/2024 10:56
Happy Birthday Paps @dave_thetiler Growing up I always knew I had won the life lottery having you and mum as parents. You both worked so hard to give us the best childhood and I will forever be grateful. I didn't think it was possible to love you anymore than I did, until Loretta arrived. Thank you for making her the centre of your universe ❤️
03/11/2024 02:19

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