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Happy 4th of July! A year ago today, I had just come home from the hospital after surviving a life threatening illness, I could barely stand in my backyard holding one sparkler. I made a miraculous recovery and had an amazing year. Thank you God. Life is beautiful! ♥️????????
07/05/2024 05:56
NYC Pride Weekend Coming Up……Are you Ready!’???????????? ????️‍????
06/24/2024 04:31
Mood for the weekend……………… ????️‍????
06/21/2024 05:38
When Truth or Dare was released in 1991 I had no idea it was going to cause such a stir ???????????? But that could be said of most of the things I do!!I simply wanted to capture the world. I was living in—and share it with the world.I am forever grateful to the gay community that has always supported me from day one!!! When I arrived in New York for the first time in 1979 — They made an awkward girl from Michigan feel like she fit in, like she wasn’t a freak and. That it was OK to be different. I am forever indebted. In this increasingly chaotic world, we are living in. I will never stop fighting for diversity, inclusiveness and equal rights for all!!! DON’T HIDE YOUR PRIDE! ????️‍????! Let’s celebrate this month and every month ! ????️‍????????️‍????????️‍????????️‍????.
06/06/2024 04:19
To The O.G. Daddy—-Happy 93rd Birthday Silvio! Congratulations for riding the roller coaster of life with humor and sanity intact. Thank you for sharing your mantra in life with me: which is. “Im Gonna Go until the Wheels fall off.” Nothing can stop us! Love you to the moon and back. ????❤️????????????????????????????????????????❤️‍????
06/02/2024 05:33
I Love NY ! ???? Had fun at the Off-White Party!
05/24/2024 04:35
I stood on stage for 81 shows staring up at the beautiful face of my mother and wondering what she must’ve been thinking as she waved goodbye to me from her hospital window I stepped into the station wagon and shut the door not knowing it was the last time I’d see her . Nobody told me my mother was dying - I just watched her disintegrate mysteriously and then she disappeared and there was no explanation except that she had gone to sleep which explains My Tumultuous relationship with sleep. Tonight all of my children sleep Under one roof which is Rare and comforting. They grow up too fast and spin out in different directions And yes I have a hard time letting go .When I stepped out on the stage and looked up at my mothers face every night I said hello I said goodbyeI said Thank you I hope you’re proud of me . I said Please protect me and keep me sane. I would look up at. Davids Mother -Malita across the stage And have the same thoughts. Was I doing a good job ? Is she proud of her Son? Am I the mother she would want me to be. ?? I became very close to my children on this tour . We clung to each other. In the long hours we worked and struggled . They helped me manifest my dreams. In the chaos and the storms the monotony and repetition The sleepless nights and the endless Packing and unpacking. All the sacrifices. . We made together. So many hours of Blood Sweat and Tears. Grateful for the privilege of bringing people together with Music But also we just wanted to sleep in. Along the way Rocco was painting Lola was writing songs. David and Mercy graduated high school.!No Easy way into the motherhood game. No manual or University Just trial and error and learn and succeed and then fail again. Finally the realization that they were raising me and not the other way around. I always laugh with friends and say motherhood = suffering But it’s not a joke it’s the truest thing I’ve ever said.But I wouldn’t change it for anything. As James Baldwin once. Said , All the children belong to usEveryone of them.Belong to the Mothersthe Warriors the Fighters The Fearless Ones. Happy Mother’s Day. ♥️
05/12/2024 09:37
This really happened……….Thank you Rio ???????????? ………. Thank you @pabllovittar and @anitta ……………Words cannot express my gratitude! To everyone involved!! ????????????????????????
05/05/2024 04:55
The last show of the tour ended in Mexico City in the most magical way. Frida Kahlo came to visit and made me the happiest girl in the world.! Not only was my show complete in Mexico- but my entire artistic career!!For she has always been my Eternal Muse Cheering me on through the good Times and the bad. Thank You @salmahayek for making it possible ????. and Thank You to my fans, not only in Mexico but all over the World. We did it together!! 80 shows! I feel Love❤️‍???? ❤️‍????❤️‍???????????????????????????? #vogue
04/28/2024 11:51
It’s so Hot in Mexico……… ???????????????????????????????? @el_guerra @reeditionmag issue on sale April 26th
04/20/2024 07:04

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