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We can all use a little more love right now.
06/03/2024 02:56
“Hao mitakuyepi, Lila washteya wahoshi wau welo- The Avengers echanna u kte lo!June 14 kinhan Disney Plus ogna wanyang nankapi oyakihipi kte lo”Hello my relatives,I am bringing some really good news. The Avengers is coming soon!You will be able to watch it on Disney Plus on June 14th.Lila wopila tanka echiciyapelo!Honored to be part of this with my Avengers Family. RDJ, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner
05/15/2024 11:56
Unforgettable moments at The Center at West Park’s screening of You Can Count on Me. Sunday’s grand opening of the CWP Film Center was sold-out with a wait list of over 500. The magic of the CWP Sanctuary Space, the first reunion of the cast and producers since its original showing, George Whipple of NY1 interviewing the cast as he did 25 years ago, and the audience’s extraordinary experience of memories shared in the talkback with the cast was incredible. We want to thank all who made this possible.???? @peterfisherofficial
05/03/2024 04:56
Tonight at the @centeratwestpark - You Can Count On Me’s Laura Linney (@itsmelauralinney), Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo), Kenneth Lonergan, J. Smith-Cameron (@jsmithcameron), and Rory Cullkin. Moderated by Ilana Levine of @littleknownfactspodcast with Ilana Levin.
04/29/2024 02:30
20 years of pure magic! ✨ Can you believe it’s been two decades since we first fell in love with ‘13 Going on 30’? Time flies when you’re having fun, especially when you’re ‘30, flirty, and thriving’!
04/23/2024 09:36
After 7 years GENX has wrapped one of the most unique productions in documentary film. We are so grateful and fortunate to have produced this special performance in partnership with the world-renowned Paperhand Puppet Intervention. Forever Chemicals can be such a big and scary issue but we believe community empowerment is core to confronting them. Deep gratitude for our partners for joining the performance including Dana Sargent of the Cape Fear River Watch and Rob Bilott himself. People will win over profits -> www.GenXthefilm.orgMore soon...#genx #pfas #foreverchemicals #documentary
04/18/2024 06:50
Happy 19th Birthday, Bella Noche. I admire your courage, strength, intellect, and grace. It’s been an amazing year full of so much growth and discovery. Look forward to what this next year will bring on your incredible journey.
04/12/2024 10:29
Support the work of Josh Farinella, a brave whistleblower, who did what was right and leaked documents showing serious concerns about food safety and human rights. Mr. Farinella was the general manager of a shrimp packaging plant in Andhra Pradesh, and quit his job in order to expose the chilling deceptions and violations in the booming export industry: workers housed like animals, mistreated and underpaid, and products – later sold by Walmart, ShopRite and Hannaford – falsely labelled to cover up the use of prohibited antibiotics.Learn more about this story and more from The Outlaw Ocean Project on @ian_urbina’s page.
03/27/2024 05:21
Thank you for an incredible night at the Oscars ✨ Congratulations, Emma Stone, Holly Waddington, James Price, Shona Heath & Zsuzsa Mihalek of Production Design, and Nadia Stacey, Mark Coulier & Josh Weston of Makeup and Hairstyling for their wins for Poor Things. And… thank you to our Hungarian counterparts and fellow film makers in Budapest. Incredible artists and film makers in their own right.
03/11/2024 05:32
Tonight at the Oscars, I stand with the women of my @myvoicemychoiceorg, who use this “finger heart” to champion the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. The issue of reproductive rights reminds me of Poor Things. To quote from the film: “It is your body, Bella Baxter. Yours to give freely.” But the Far Right opposes this powerful message. In the US & EU alone, they’ve cut tens of millions of women from essential abortion rights.So it was inspiring to see how women in Europe are already using the “heart finger” to express love for women’s rights at the ballot box. This symbol is meant to be a beautiful reminder that, like those 2 fingers, when we unite in solidarity across divides, we become the beating center of humanity’s heart. And voting is the lifeblood that keeps that heart strong.Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the heart symbol forms a ‘V’—for VOTE. Voting protects those the globally coordinated Far Right victimizes: women & children, democracy & our planet.So, in 2024, let’s spread this symbol and use our votes to protect women & ALL LIFE!
03/11/2024 03:48

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