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Last one - best one. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have in store for you in these 15 (!!!) new episodes - and it all begins on July 18th. ????✨
05/02/2024 02:29
11/06/2023 12:48
Yesterday I was at the Jewish community center with @michellepoler and @stramhacks for the launch of Hello Fears.Mich invited me to talk about chapter 5: “Hello haters”.I had a speech prepared that talked about one of the many times I’ve had to face haters on social media.But I can't get out of my head the real hate we've seen the last few days.The hate that kidnaps, tortures, rapes, murders.There will never be justification for the massacre we have seen.I don't know how much forgiveness exists for those who celebrate it.I had to change my speech.But what the hell can I say in the face of so much pain?How is hate transformed into love?I have no fucking idea.And so I changed the question:What can I contribute today?I decided to look at the times that I have been the victimizer.Because I don't know a better way to generate change than by changing myself first.So I shared the times I have judged, criticized, hurt, and humiliated people for choosing differently.I decided to tell a specific story where I was convinced that the end justified the means and that my hurtful words, that the damage I was causing to that person, was justified.It was the “right thing".It was my moral duty.How wrong. What a hipocrite.I consider myself a good person, and more times than I want to accept, I am the one who victimizes others.As we condemn unforgivable acts, as we raise our voices and cry for our dead, let us recognize the humanity that is so hard to see.Because we didn't get here by accident.We got here little by little.By silencing ourselves in the face of injustice.By justifying horrible acts.We are being dehumanized and who is there to blame but ourselves? We got here believing that our truth is more true than the other's.That our humanity is worth more than that of another.Where are we being victimizers in our lives today?I don't know how to end this massacre, we cannot bring people back, nor alleviate the pain of so many mothers, but we can avoid perpetuating the pain ourselves.Maybe we can start there ❤️‍????
10/11/2023 12:35
Isla bonita ????
05/20/2023 06:45
What’s cooking? ????@chateaumarmont
04/21/2023 08:52
02/23/2023 03:25
#TandemAmbassador - bringing you along as I make some mega-chocolate-super-holiday-brownies! Though I didn’t have much of a plan or a ton of time going into this adventure, I think they came out super cute ???? And thanks to my Tandem insulin pump’s Control-IQ technology, it was easy to stay in the moment and focus my energy on making these treats! Now I’m off to sneakily save some of them for myself - and don’t worry, I’ll be blousing ????
12/16/2022 11:16
magical holiday adventures at my favorite place with some of my favorite people ✨Thank you @disneyland & @disneyparks for a spectacular kick off to the holiday season ❤️ #DisneylandHolidays #DisneylandChristmas
11/22/2022 02:05
happy my-favorite-time-of-year ???? do your have your costume yet? Bc this dress is technically in my everyday-closet, but it does double as a great excuse to whip out some sarcastic comments and call it a costume when Halloween weekend hits ????@hottopic #halloweenforever #sponsoredbyht
10/31/2022 12:22
you are looking at one super stoked #tandemambassador ????I’ve handled my fair share of ups and downs on my Disney park days over the years with my blood sugar, but my trip over July 4th was made that much easier with the help of the newest technology on my @tandemdiabetes insulin pump.Thanks to its ability to suspend insulin, and therefore help me avoid blood sugar dips, I didn’t have any trouble keeping busy and enjoying some very magical moments ????✨
08/12/2022 07:25

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