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Thrilled to be joining the incredibly talented cast and creators of #GrossePointGardenSociety
04/12/2024 09:10
Here we go!????????????????After all that effort Thiago isn’t impressed at all????????‍♂️????@glouiseatkinson
03/22/2024 06:02
01/05/2024 06:25
My dearest friend Leslie Woo took this pic 13 years ago on New Year’s Eve. We were watching the sun set on Malibu, musing on Mayan prophecies. If I only knew what lay ahead. If I could only go back to that moment and give myself a few suggestions… Time is funny.To all my friends, family, and to all my most incredible fans. Thank you for hanging in there with me through all the ups and downs. It hasn’t always been easy, but what good is a life if you can’t learn and grow from your mistakes and strive to be better with the time you have. These last 13 years have been a humbling journey to say the least. In spite of it all, it led me to the greatest gifts of my life. Ripley and Dorothy. My beautiful little girls. I would walk through hell all over again just to have the honor of being their father. Girl dad is hands-down the greatest and most remarkable responsibility I’ve ever had.May we work towards a more peaceful world. May we all renew our intentions to be better friends and neighbors. May we extend grace, and be that change for the good we all so desperately need.I love you all. Thank you for the opportunity to grow with you and to do the work.Happy New Year everyone May all the blessings lead you this year and beyond Xo
01/01/2024 08:26
01/01/2024 08:26
08/25/2023 08:55
08/10/2023 02:26
First father 5k!Wish us luck ! ???? #summerfest5k #VaHi Update. I know it’s just 3 miles, but I haven’t run a 5k in over 4 years. Certainly not since the kids. Given it was a spur of the moment decision, I feel pretty good about my pace pushing these two kids up all the hills in Virginia Highlands. Definitely one of the more challenging ATL 5ks. 3.1miles 36.3minutes. All things considered, It was a stronger run then before I had kids.#dadstrength
06/10/2023 12:00
my love
05/26/2023 06:48
this weekend’s celebrations..♥️????
05/16/2023 12:15

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