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Gentleman????This Friday
04/29/2024 04:00
Okay, Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard gave us the ultimate friendship test, and the bloopers are just as funny. ???? Watch the #Ghostbusters cast put their friendship to the test at the link in bio. Co-directors: @ali.farooqui23 @fatangryblackgirl
04/10/2024 06:53
When you get the chance to play a dream role at 12, you don’t really think about the lasting impact it’ll have on your life. Finishing the press tour for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, I’ve been feeling really emotional and thankful. I’ve been so lucky to play a character and be part of something that’s connected with so many people. I’ve met so many familys, parents, kids, people who’ve told me stories of how Ghostbusters has impacted their life over the past 40 years. I’m not just talking about a few stories here and there, but hundreds. I’ve met kids dressed as Phoebe, couples who got married in a Ghostbuster’s themed wedding, parents with kids on the spectrum that see themselves in Phoebe, I’ve even met kids NAMED after her…playing this character and hearing people’s stories have taught me a lot about myself and who I want to be. It sounds crazy, but it is that deep! It’s been such an insane honor to be a part of this franchise, one that’s been such a massive part of my own childhood. Thank you Ghostbusters, Sony, Jason, Gil and Ivan for changing my life forever- and thank you to the Ghostbuster’s fans for welcoming me into the family:) I’ll never get over getting to be a ghostbuster, ever. Coolest thing I’ve ever done. Hope yall love the movie as much as we loved getting to make it❤️(The last three in this are baby me????)
03/22/2024 04:40
Ghostbusters in Paris????
03/21/2024 03:02
Just checking in ???? Wearing the spring collection by @zeagoo.official #zeagoo #zeagoofashion
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