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my skin is dry, sensitive and acne prone with scars (????????) I own a lot of beauty devices (probably all of them) but the sonic thermo facial brush from is my favorite tool to keep my pores clean. #GESKE #ad
04/30/2024 06:28
repairing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post coachella @wellahairusa #wellapartner #ad
04/17/2024 07:05
life advice from a relationship expert
04/14/2024 06:19
i did @callherdaddy podcast thank you @alexandracooper for having me trigger warning ???? if you don’t understand sardonic or self deprecating humor and/or you have a compulsive need to vomit negativity onto others don’t bother watching this, you’re gonna be really lost and overstimulated
03/20/2024 04:10
We ❤️ Peppa! ???? I’m Ms. Leopard in Peppa Pig’s new Wedding Special ???? Check your local listings for broadcast dates and availability in your country.
03/18/2024 02:02
jennifer’s prom dress x final fantasy cosplay (cursed bride edition)
02/19/2024 08:52
02/10/2024 09:19
02/06/2024 03:10
02/05/2024 01:38
11/29/2023 08:12

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