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Turns out I prefer canned wine on a cliff. @oonawine
06/10/2024 02:34
Pickled Herring, the short film I directed, is finally available for all to see on YouTube. Link in my bio!I’d like to thank all the film festivals who gave us some eyeballs. Screening it with an audience was an honor and oh so very educational. Liking, commenting, and watching all the way thru makes the algorithm happy, and the people behind making it, very happy so please watch on YouTube!!@omeletoDirector: meScreenwriter:@marinavshifrinCast: @mintmilana, @dimiter_d_marinov, @renegube Production company: @hungrymaninc Executive Producers: @obeeeeeeeone, @permang, @calebdewart, @waynemcclammyProducer: @lisazambriDOP: @kaisaulEditor: @jhnellsonProduction Designer: Paul McConnellComposer: @mattfriedman_Associate Producer: @ellenbergb23Line Producer: Sherra FerminoProduction Coordinator: Ricky Smalls1st AD: Yvonne Wang2nd AD: Atena AssiaeeEditorial: @cutandrunedit @jhnelson
05/29/2024 02:08
Moms make us who we are. #parenthood #momblogger #dadlife
05/11/2024 02:26
Very excited to share these portraits of @mintmilana that were chosen for the American Photography 40 annual! It was a great day with the best team, and a wonderful reminder that sometimes you don’t need to overthink it, and you can make pictures just for the sake of making pictures. Thank you as always to Milana, our fearless leader on so many projects, thank you to the whole crew for their artistry, and thank you to @american_photography_winners for the recognition. .Producer: @imannalangston Stylist: @carlee_wallaceHair: @bryangawMakeup: @karinamoore Digi: @louieheredia Photo Asst: @elliotsmithhastie Retouching: @g_tou@artdeptagencyLA
04/30/2024 06:05
This scrabby indie is going to Tribeca! Get your tickets to Bad Shabbos and watch this wickedly funny cast kill. #BadShabbos
04/17/2024 08:02
Recently Recent Me. FKA Photo Dump.
03/19/2024 06:15
A haiku:Tell my grandchildrenBubbie contained multitudesWas Burning Man trained.
02/24/2024 09:53
02/20/2024 07:17
02/14/2024 10:05
02/09/2024 03:30

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