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Can’t believe it’s been 6 months since marrying the love of my life @elie_smolkin in dreamy Iceland ????
03/29/2024 10:06
5SF: The Gunn Show With Dennis and Meg’s SonThe hard-hitting conversation quickly switched from nepo babies to necro dating. Then, upon discovering that Jack Quaid buys every one of Linda’s meals with money from his tactical Ninja Turtles wallet, it somehow switched from necro dating to velcro paying. Then it turned out he had strong opinions on whose Pennsylvania accents were better than others in the tv series “Mare of Easttown,” so it switched from velcro paying to DelCo rankings. Finally, Kelsey had to go lie down and Jack escaped into the night.
01/24/2024 03:01
01/02/2024 02:50
12/17/2023 06:06
11/21/2023 09:09
11/04/2023 09:42
Had a lovely time at the premiere of our movie Onyx The Fortuitous! So happy we get to finally share this wild movie with the world ????In theaters Oct 19th!
10/19/2023 07:24
???????? @elie_smolkin
10/04/2023 07:06
ONYX THE FORTUITOUS AND THE TALISMAN OF SOULS is coming to theaters October 19th screening all over the USA for one night only!!!So much hard work went into this film by so many amazing artists. I’m very proud of director @andrewbowser and my fellow cast mates in this movie. I can’t wait for you to see the wild world of ONYX on the big screen. Go to to secure your tickets!!! I am grateful that we secured a SAG Interim Agreement which allows us to promote our truly independent film. We stand in solidarity with our unions, and are excited to be a part of this vital new agreement that will allow independent film to thrive. #onyxthefortuitous #onyxthemovie #sagaftra #indiefilm #horrormovies
09/13/2023 05:06
Maui needs our help. Please do whatever you can to help our friends and ‘ohana in this time of need. See the link in my bio to support Maui in whichever way you can. @hawaiicommunityfoundation @hawaiiredcross @mauihumanesociety Sending all my Aloha to those living this devastation ???????? and mahalo nui to those continuing to raise awareness to help fight these terrible times
08/14/2023 08:28

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