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Heading into the weekend like… ???? @lukeaikins @monicaaikins #ToTheEdge @peacock ????
06/07/2024 05:27
@orlandobloom interacts with children in a UNICEF-supported treatment unit for malnutrition in DR Congo.“I met two-year-old Christine at this clinic, and she is at risk of severe malnutrition. The doctor gave her a ready-to-eat therapeutic food packet made of peanut paste. Not only did she really like it, it seemed to give her immediate energy,” shares our Goodwill Ambassador.“At the same clinic, I saw women receiving a cooking demonstration on an open fire to learn how to prepare a tasty and nutritious children’s porridge made from inexpensive and locally available ingredients. This porridge helps stave off malnutrition and is a true life-saver.”“Child malnutrition in DR Congo is a critical concern because of the ongoing conflict and resulting food crisis. Almost nine out of 10 children in the region do not receive the minimum diet necessary for healthy growth.”“UNICEF and partners are providing nutrition screening, guidance and treatment. But the children of DR Congo need peace for their well-being.”???? © UNICEF/Tremeau
06/02/2024 07:14
Lookin like a wet Batman #ToTheEdge @peacock ????
05/23/2024 11:37
"Pushing the edges showed me that coming back to the center is a blessing." A slice of my exchange with renowned actor and spiritual seeker Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom).Orlando candidly shares insights into his upbringing, the influence of his mother, the art of balance, Buddhism, and navigating the complexities of fame. We also talk about personal growth, the evolution of his relationships, his commitment to making a positive impact through his work with UNICEF, and so much more.This one is a must-listen.Episode 832.✌???????? - Rich
05/14/2024 05:16
???? you will be missed, never broken, always a king ????
05/07/2024 06:48
In a world of AI/deepfakin/green-screenin/vfxing/stunt doublin etc etc my hero baby daddy @orlandobloom does it all and FOR REAL. If you haven’t seen #OnTheEdge on @peacock yet, buckle up and grab a ginger ale (like I did!) and stream it now… (also honey check slide 9, CAN YOU PLEASE PUT YOUR SOCKS AWAY IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR ONCE AND THEN FINALLY I WILL BE IMPRESSED I DONT NEED YOU TO CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST OK)
05/01/2024 07:04
@jayshetty Thank you for having me. Thank you for holding space for my mind to wander (also known as waffle on) and for being so generous with your insights and time. Nmrk ???? Our episode is now out ????️
04/23/2024 03:56
OrlandoBloom: To The Edge streaming April 18 @Peacock
04/17/2024 11:46
Find somebody who looks at you like Orlando looks at Staropramen ???? ???? #Staropramen #staropramenbeer #czechbeer #beer #pragueexpert
03/21/2024 05:02
Three extremely dangerous sports… ????⛰️???? #ToTheEdge is streaming April 18 on @peacock
03/19/2024 11:38

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