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Strawberry days ????
05/16/2024 09:32
My angels.. @maltimarie @nickjonas
05/10/2024 09:10
And it’s a wrap.. it’s been a year.. well, a lot happened but here we are. Tonight I wrapped on a set that was always so full of laughter and professionalism. That rare combination doesn’t happen always.. This movie was a breeze because the cast and crew came prepared with their A game, everyday. It’s been an honour to work with some legends in our business on this one. Hope y’all have as much fun watching it as we did making it. Heads of state will be on @primevideo .. when u ask me? Above my pay grade. lol. Gratitude.
05/08/2024 06:43
Au revoir ????????
04/20/2024 10:09
How it started.. how it’s going. ????PS: those 2000s brows tho ???? My 17 year old self was just trying to pretend like I belonged. In that moment I was desperately trying to keep it together. With the weight of the heavy sari and the newly acquired crown flimsily pinned into my hair with 2 bobby pins, my confidence was slowly slipping as well. But I held it together, just like my sari, with a few safety pins. ????
04/13/2024 11:27
Aligning with stories and filmmakers that have the ability to move the audience by having a unique point of view is what we always look for at @purplepebblepictures. @barryavrich22’s new feature documentary, Born Hungry is exactly that. I was so moved by Sash’s incredible story of resilience and determination, and also that it is an amazing rendition of an extremely sensitive story, it was a no-brainer for us to collaborate. We cannot wait to share this story with you.
04/02/2024 06:24
Holi was lit. Thank you @tam2cul @sudeepdutt for creating such a warm atmosphere for our family! So much fun. ????
03/26/2024 08:51
Roman artistry meets Indian culture and dazzling gemstones in Mumbai to celebrate a “A Roman Holi”.Global Brand Ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Creative Jewelry Director @lucia_silvestri , discuss Bulgari’s Navaratna-inspired heritage collection at the newly launched Mumbai Maison before its grand reveal at the star studded event.Video: @kettlelovePhotography: @pixel.exposuresConceptualised by @trscreativeconsulting#Bulgari #BulgariHighJewelry #ARomanHoli
03/22/2024 07:47
जय सिया राम|Blessings for the little one and the family ????????
03/20/2024 04:57
Home away from home. Thank you @bulgarihotels for being such excellent hosts last weekend ♥️ #throwback #ad
03/18/2024 07:31

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