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Grew up watching this franchise- this is v v cool !!✨
03/06/2024 07:12
12/17/2023 04:22
11/30/2023 05:28
So happy to announce that At The Gates was granted an interim agreement by SAG so that we can promote the film! Thank you @sagaftra for supporting small independent films and filmmakers and allowing us to get the word out about this incredible film! We shot this movie in November of 2021 with an ambitious shoot schedule and a cast and crew of people who were passionate about this story and making it happen. It’s a suspenseful and effective thriller but it also tells an incredibly important and heart wrenching story of our main characters, mother and son, who are undocumented immigrants from El Salvador. I’m very grateful to be a small part of this film and to help tell this story, thank you to our talented writer/director Augie for allowing me to be apart of this. After a long successful run at several film festivals in multiple countries, multiple awards, and the hard work of our team, we can now celebrate the limited theatrical release of the film AT THE GATES in NY and LA starting November 3rd! Please support this indie film, made with love and hard work by so many incredible people. Buy your tickets!! @picturehouseusa @five_towers @atthegatesmovie
10/24/2023 11:18
09/18/2023 01:10
We had the most magical time in Mexico celebrating the bride/best friend/best manager in the world @tbright1994 at @unico2087 ☺️????????I love you Tay, can’t wait for your special day!!Thank you Unico for the best Bach trip experience ✨✨ #MyUNICOExperience
09/07/2023 03:21
09/04/2023 08:50
New Year’s Eve night begins…????Episode 7 of @cruelsummer tonight!!! Stream on Hulu tomorrow!!3 more episodes left!!????Also @lexiunderwood was MIA for these photos but love u queen???????????????? and shoutout to Griff for the film pics !!
07/11/2023 03:28
If anybody has any experience with anything or knows anything about anything please let me know ????????✨
06/27/2023 03:12
On film by @bynickrasmussen for @numero_netherlands + some bts of the day :))One of my favs shoots to date ✨ Link in my stories for the full feature and interview! Hair @rena.calhoun Makeup @karayoshimotobua Stylist @marisa_ellison Styling assistant @toshastyledit Photographer @bynickrasmussen Studio Editor @timiletonja Interview @janaletonja
06/16/2023 08:08

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