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@justlikethatmaxDay, could be 30? 40? Interior @tiffanyandcoLittle Tiffany blue bag.X, SJ
07/09/2024 09:36
July 1, 2024Rabbit, rabbit.X, SJ
07/01/2024 04:15
Sunday.Is for cats.X, SJ
06/16/2024 05:33
@justlikethatmax Day 20UWS ManhattanX, SJ
06/10/2024 08:53
@justlikethatmax Day 17Harlem, NYX, SJ
06/05/2024 03:53
Good day.X, SJ
05/27/2024 02:16
I am so pleased to invite you to our next @sjplit Salon.Join author @alinagrabowski_ and I for a virtual book discussion to discuss her critically acclaimed novel WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST on May 29th at 7pm ET. RSVP at the link in stories.We hope many of you have already started reading and are eager to attend with questions!See you then,X, SJ
05/23/2024 02:57
Last week, I sat down to discuss publishing and my lifelong love of reading at the book launch for WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST written by the brilliant @alinagrabowski_. It is thrilling sincerely, to read the glowing reviews from both readers and critics. WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST is now available at your local bookstore, your library, or anywhere you like to purchase books.I can’t wait to hear what you all think.Happy reading!X, SJ
05/14/2024 06:34
Bewitched by Andrew Bolton and team’s glorious exhibit at the Costume Institute @metmuseum.Still sleeping beauties. X, SJ
05/07/2024 11:33
Happy 25th birthday to @rtelyricfm !!!!To Evelyn Grant and all the great hosts at Lyric, we are very fortunate to have you filling our days with beautiful music. Here’s to the next 25 musical years.X, SJ
05/02/2024 02:49

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