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We’re live! @wyn available NOW in store and online exclusively at @ultabeauty ????????
04/07/2024 03:59
Is it green? Is it yellow? Asking for a friend. ???????? Link in bio to help us decide!
04/01/2024 09:01
So, I made a video of my last #TacoTuesday ???????? Should I share more of my favorite meals for dinner?
03/26/2024 12:50
I can’t believe I caught this on camera - running late to my last call of the day. After evolving from tennis, I do a lot of investing. Mostly in “us” women, people of color and diversity. I started investing over 12 years ago and I have over 14 unicorns (companies worth over 1b) in my portfolio. I like to invest and support people that never had a chance at getting their ideas invested in. Did you know that before I started investing, women founders had less than 2% of all Venture capital money going to them? I now work to try to change that number. If you have a business, I would love to hear your story. xxS
03/20/2024 09:59
Big sister hard at work with baby sis @olympiaohanian @adiraohanian
03/13/2024 01:00
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