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Our @ucbtla Improv 201 show was so super fun! Yes, I had another show and didn’t invite anyone or tell anyone till after the fact. It’s kinda become my thing to keep my entire life a mystery. ???? But I looooove to support and celebrate everyone else’s success. ???? Congrats to my fellow 201 graduating classmates. ...#improv #improvcomedy #ucbimprov #comedy #actors #losangeles #losangelescomedy
04/28/2024 02:48
Lookin’ like a snack… sorry @davidfilipstudios, @the_onlybean is the ultimate snack. ????...#healthysnacks #edamame #snacks #losangeles #healthy #fitness
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09/27/2023 03:11
A little late night movement.
08/12/2023 06:43
HUGE thank you to Brian and his team at Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions in Colorado. When my dear friend @jeremyrenner was looking for additional support in his recovery, I suggested hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I learned a lot about various therapies during my time working for my plastic surgeon ????I quickly realized that actually purchasing the correct chamber for in home use would be no easy task. I needed to find a company that 1. had 2.0+ATA chambers available 2. would agree to selling 2.0+ ATA for private, in home use 3. were willing to oversee the build out, shipping and delivery After contacting dozens of companies, I found an angel in Brian, owner of Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions. It took some convincing but once he was certain we had the proper medical clearance and prescription, he was on board. Brian was determined and after months of working through logistics with his manufacturer in Asia (HUNDREDS of phone calls and emails), here we are! He didn’t just deliver on securing the chamber, he committed to flying in from Colorado for delivery day so he could personally inspect the parts and assemble the unit. This is the level of care and commitment you can expect to receive as a customer… I never disclosed who the chamber was for and I handled all communication with Brian. He treats all his customers like VIPs!He’s been working tirelessly in the middle of an LA heat wave to get the chamber up and running. He’s passionate about his work and that makes all the difference in the world. None of this would have been possible without him. Truly a “salt of the earth” human and I’m so very grateful to know him. If you have questions about hyperbaric, feel free to contact me and I’ll answer what I can and/or put you in touch with Brian. You can also go to his website for more info. His company doesn’t use social media or advertise but they still have miles of glowing reviews online; a testament to just how wonderful Brian and his team truly are. Support small businesses!#hyperbaricoxygentherapy #hyperbaricchamber #hyperbaric #therapy #healing #recovery #smallbusiness #losangeles #health #wellness #supportsmallbusinesses
07/21/2023 03:55

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