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Guess where I am? Tomorrow i’ll give you more clues... Adivina dónde estoy? Mañana les doy más pistas...
03/26/2024 02:38
Nicolas, to have had the privilege of watching your work from the front row for 8 out of your 10 years at Louis Vuitton has been one of the biggest honors of my life. Not only to watch the innovation, the boldness, and the intricacy of your designs but to also be welcomed into a loving, fun fashion family that is led by you has given me more than you can imagine. Thank you for everything Nicolas. We love you ????
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I wrote a thing for a thing: and will be writing more things every month- a taste below…. Sign up for the newsletter - link in bio and stories @family_style #tastematters #cooking Repost @family_style "I say 'chose' because it was my decision, no one told me to," writes Samantha Ronson about her decision to give up alcohol nine years ago."There was no rehab or intervention, just a final hangover to end all hangovers, literally. So, there I was, sober, tobacco-free, and fidgety AF, and once I took alcohol off my menu, I didn’t really see the point in going to restaurants. No longer drowned in whiskey, my social anxiety was off the charts, my patience was nonexistent, and my tolerance for small talk was none. Such is when I found the Food Network."In her new Family Style column, Taste Matters, the musician-DJ explores her new relationship with food, how she learned to love cooking at home after she forced herself from going out, and how the kitchen is not so unlike a DJ booth. Read the debut column exclusively in our newsletter by signing up at #FamilyStyle #SamanthaRonson
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