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Have a great rest of your year everyone. And if you're anything like me remember to leave your fucking phone in the other room a bit more often. ???? Love, T x ❤️
06/29/2023 11:12
I had no idea Glastonbury was a competition but congratulations @eltonjohn for winning it. There aren't really words to describe how good that was. The Rocketman did it again. ❤️ ????
06/26/2023 10:37
Morning. ☀️
06/19/2023 08:27
06/09/2023 11:07
Spanish Night. ???? ???? @jndsin
06/03/2023 07:15
Brodyr???? @jndsin
05/26/2023 01:45
I suggested to Martin Freeman that when Ben Whishaw would inevitably win for his next level performance in This is Going to Hurt, we should both rush the stage, rugby tackle him and split the bafta. Sadly, when Ben's name was called, Martin bottled it like a wimp so Ben walked away with the award. Whatever, Martin. 11 years ago when I was graduating from RADA Ben came to see one my final shows. He tapped me on the shoulder afterwards and told me how much he'd enjoyed my performance and was really encouraging at a time when my confidence was low. He was universally revered at the drama school and it meant the world to me. Congratulations, Ben. It's a real privilege to even be mentioned in the same breath as you. It was also an honour to have my folks with me last night. I feel so proud and happy. Thank you so much @bafta for the nomination. ❤️
05/15/2023 08:16
Couple of tadpoles @smudgecotton Circa 2009/10???? Andrew Baker
05/12/2023 10:46
???????????? #australiancattledog #redheeler #Flag
04/25/2023 02:13
Here I am in a purple box with an egg. Photographer: Agata Serge @AgataSerge Stylist: Monty Jackson @mrmontyjackson Groomer: Sonia Lee @sonialeeartistrySet Design: Lucy Holt @theninjaatelierStylist assistants: Jake Mitchell, Byron Williams @whyjakemitchell @king_biezzy_1st lighting assistant: Victor Isaac Alvarez @victorisaacalvarez2nd lighting assistant: Pavel Nosonov @pahidzaProducer: Anna Makovchik @annamakovchik Production assistant: Kate Bregeda @katebregedaProduction: Uprising Productions @uprisingproductions_Studio: Hype Studios @numero_netherlands
04/19/2023 02:47

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