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???? Finish the sentence: “Today is a good day to ______.” ❤️ For me - today is a good day to.. meditate and plan for the week ahead! To fill up on all I’m thankful for!! I’m grateful for sunshine and good health and good people that inspire me to be my best and make the most of this lil life. ☺️???? Question: What’s something you’re excited to do this week, something you GET to do!?! ✨ Update: I’m finally on the up and up and over this Covid hump so I’m stoked to get back into all the things I love!! Health truly is everything! ❤️
07/15/2024 06:01
???? Set Life - Week 1 Dump ???? // Dr. Hannah Stone reporting for duty.. real talk this has been so fun and I want to do this for the rest of my life. The cast and crew made this project such an incredible experience. ???? I feel so stoked for this project and the magic made on set! #feelinggrateful #bts
07/10/2024 11:41
✨ (the ending, lol) Also when I say “been”, I think that’s the coolest my voice has ever sounded! ???? Like what even is that, yoodling!? ????#QUESTION: So I have probably over a hundred songs I’ve written over the past 2-3 years that I’ve never shared.. should I start sharing them? Is sharing caring? ???? I think it’s time to unleash them all! I call this doodle, “Come Home”.✨ Here’s to healing and love and abundance and bliss around the corner of… THIS! Whatever that “this” is. You’re not alone my wandering friends. #united in the quest for love! ✊ ???? Patience & perseverance ???? are the name of the game. But above all, love yourself more than anything today. You’re beyond worthy of all the love you desire in your heart! The end. ????
06/26/2024 11:52
☺️ Cheesin’ like your fav Mac n’ cheese w/a side of blue skies please ???????? // Have a wonderful Saturday my loves! This week has flown by but I feel like mountains are moving and there’s this whole world of opportunity opening up AND it’s always been there. ???? LETS GO!???? I was chatting with a friend about how we really have to elevate ourselves to be in the right headspace and situation/place in life to be able to accept the gifts and opportunities that are coming. We have to walk through the fire (the challenges and trials) to develop the skills, the mindset, and all things necessary for our next “mission” in life. But without the preparation we can’t propel forward. We can only move.. when we’re ready. Ooof - How exciting though to be able to rise from these random pieces and let new things unfold.. to suddenly start to see a bigger picture fall together. #feelingthankful ❤️ So wherever your at in this cycle of transformation; stick with it, grow from it, prepare yourself for what’s on the other side! ????
06/22/2024 07:41
“My favorite color’s yellow.. it makes me happy like the sun!” ???????? - I think yellow might be my “color for the summer” - what color are you feeling lately? #yellow ???? Hiii just wanted to say I hope you crush this week and LETS GOOOO! ???? Believe in all the beautiful things conspiring for you! (And smell the flowers along the way!) ????
06/18/2024 04:19
???? If there’s a will, there’s a wave ????????: @piolo_flores ???? Guys.. in this moment I felt invincible. ???? Everyone from the surf camp (and strangers) were all cheering me on. I felt like a kid who just accomplished something big for the first time. Eyes wide open, heart flourishing! But THIS ^ was is a core memory! Thank you @laolasurfcamp! It was the wildest ride of my life - also 10 mins before my toenail got ripped off. ???????? Which makes it extra memorable.. I mean, the ocean literally has a part of me. ????
06/06/2024 07:04
???? Guys!!!! I released an acoustic version of “Today is a Good Day!” And I am sooo excited to share it with you! ???? Link in Bl0 to stream!!! ❤️ ???? Have you heard it heard it yet!? #todayisagoodday
06/02/2024 01:54
???? The many suits of Costa Rica ft. @shein_us ???? Could I have brought one suit and been fine.. ????% but what fun would that be. ???????? Get 15% OFF w/my code: SW24tla???? Shop my style ????:- Green 3 piece: 2707882- Brown/White/Green Colorblock: 21452350- Pink gingham: 30430376- Italy Blue Print: 30483638- Black and white: 2073260- Red/Oj Floral 3 Piece: 8884342????️ Search similar style with code: WAL37???? Did I feel highly embarrassed when there were so many backpackers packing for months in a small backpack meanwhile I had a HUGE suitcase. A girl was like “oh wow how long are you traveling for” eyeing my big bag and I said “a month” thinking that was justified and she was so confused why my bag was so big. ???????? So I learned. HOWEVER. Throughout the week I was also the girl everyone came to cause.. well I had everything so… pros & cons? ???? ???? I will say the swimsuit winner of the trip in all occasions: volleyball, pool volleyball, cliff jumping, hiking etc was *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* the green suit. ???? For me it fit the best and felt comfiest while also providing great tanning capabilities haha. @sheinofficial #SHEINswimwear #SHEINbikini #ad #sheinbikinigirls #SHEIN
05/25/2024 11:20
???? This villa was an absolute dream ???? I highly recommend it to anyone visiting La Fortuna, CR! @ikigaiarenal ✨ The volcano view is so breathtaking (especially at sunset.) ???? They also have a “Chefs Experience” where a private chef came and cooked a 3 course breakfast which was phenomenal & completely elevated the whole stay. It felt so surreal, and so relaxing! A few times I wanted to cry in gratitude for the flawless moments of stillness; with the sun setting, the wonderful food, jam sesh, morning yoga, and of course the amazing company. My heart is full. ????Side-note: There’s also a hot tub, fire pit, and projector; need I say more ???? #speechless
05/11/2024 03:00
???? Not sure which one suits me best.. ???? Decided to change it up & do a - SURF EDITION Haul w/@shein_us ???? #QOTD: Which one is your fav? ???? Get 15% off with my code: SW24tla???? Shop my style! Item lookup code: ???? Floral pink long sleeve: 1792152 White & teal palm trees: 27331852 Pink gradient one piece: 29183941Blue leaves: 28428987Orange floral: 26731808White & pink one piece: 12519600Two piece tropical: 28225365Black & white checkered: 26901653@sheinofficial #whatiwore #model #swimhaul #summerhaul #SHEINswimwear #SHEINbikini #sheinbikinigirls #SHEIN #sponsered #swimsuits
05/04/2024 11:56

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