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A little bts dump in honor of @challengersmovie coming out in a couple days. This is my first time leading a film in this way so ya girls been nervous but everyones excitement and encouragement has meant the world to me. I’m so honored that I get to do this beside these incredibly talented, brilliant (and hilarious) people and on behalf of all of us, we hope you enjoy the film and again…try not to judge the characters too much lol but also #teamtashi
04/23/2024 05:52
Incredibly grateful for this special moment, can’t believe it’s actually happened. And thank you @serenawilliams for chatting with me, I appreciate you so much. @challengersmovie
04/10/2024 04:55
First stop on the @challengersmovie press tour…thank you Sydney for the warm and beautiful welcome, it means so much<3????
03/29/2024 10:33
Being in this film is such an honor and I just wanted to come on here to express my deep gratitude, to Denis for not just his talent but his kindness, to everyone who’s heart went into making it and to everyone who’s taken their time to see it♥️ Photo by the one and only @greigfraser_dp
03/04/2024 06:00
01/01/2024 10:00
12/22/2023 06:05
My favorite time of the year.. Happy Halloween ????????
10/29/2023 07:42
Beyoncé Parfums presents CÉ NOIR. Pre-order now on for shipping in November and in time for the holidays.
10/24/2023 04:26
10/04/2023 06:39
almost forgot about these ♥️
09/10/2023 07:39

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